About Us

Welcome to Valor Business Solutions. With over 30 years’ hands on, commercial experience across various industries, big and small, we at Valor are founded firmly on the belief that businesses need access to constant, relevant and meaningful information. This is essential not just to survive, but to learn, improve and succeed. We want to help your business succeed by enriching you with valuable insights and advice that will give you the confidence to know that your business is moving in the right direction.

We appreciate the challenges in leading and managing a successful company. We also understand that despite best intentions, unexpected obstacles can get in the way of important goals and projects. Our aim is to lighten your load by providing you with an impartial commercial perspective on the way your business is run, finding solutions to the issues that you as a business owner face every day.

Unlike a lot of business consultants, we are proactive, not reactive. We pride ourselves on being contactable and available whenever you need us….that’s the Valor difference. So if you’re looking for a trusted advisor to keep your business on track and accelerating towards its full potential, give us a call today!

Meet Tony Norton

Tony is more than just the founder of Valor Business Solutions: he is Valor. There’s no mystery when you turn to Valor for guidance; you know exactly what you get, and what you get is Tony Norton.

Tony’s experience spans across a vast range of industries including transport, motor dealerships, agriculture, quarrying and retailing. His knowledge of these industries stems from actual hands-on experience. He has spent years listening to and observing business owners and business practices, and he knows that the common denominator separating successful business owners from the rest of the fleet is a positive and informative team.

‘What I have noticed is that successful business owners surround themselves with good people,’ he says. ‘They recognise their weaknesses, and offset these with people who have the right skill sets. It’s the ability to listen and the ability to take on board the opinions of others that are without a doubt traits of the most successful business owners.’

Tony applies a common sense approach to all of his decision-making and he diligently relies on his knowledge, education and experience for the rest. It’s a skill he has mastered both in business and on the track as a speedway racer and enthusiast, a hobby he inherited when he first moved to Brisbane 15 years’ ago. So if you’re ready to discover unexploited potential within your business and recover some of that adrenaline and energy you may have lost along the way, give Tony a call today!