• Business Consultancy


    The road to success is not a lonely one. Almost every successful business benefits from the help of external business consultants. At Valor Business Solutions, we will help you navigate the ever changing market and your own evolving business goals by offering you an impartial and fresh perspective that can add value to everything you do.

    Valor’s experienced business consultant will work with you to identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and tap into all of your undiscovered business potential. They will provide you with a complete ‘top to bottom’ review of your business operations from both a commercial and a practical point of view because we know that each small part of your business is an important part of the much bigger picture.

    Through an analysis of your supply contracts, fleet utilisation, debtor collections, creditor payments, staffing, and many other areas, we will take a hands on, personal approach in order to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation. You will receive a comprehensive report outlining areas for improvement and available opportunities for growth that will help you boost profitability.

    If you’re ready to drive your business to success, contact our expert business consultant today!

  • Tender Writing Services


    Winning tenders can fast track your business success. At Valor Business Solutions, we know how important the addition of profitable jobs is for the continual evolution of your organisation. We also know that writing tender proposals can be time consuming, complicated, and unprofitable if they are not done correctly.

    We can help save you time and improve your chances of crossing the finish line first when it comes to winning profitable jobs through our tender writing services. We will also help you accurately cost jobs, so that when your tender is successful, you know that it will be a profitable project for your business.

    Writing a winning tender is not just about addressing the project requirements. At Valor we write tender proposals that sell you and your business so that you simply cannot be refused.

    Whether you need guidance on how to write your tender or you want our talented consultant to prepare your tender for you, our tender writing services will save you time and give you the winning edge over your competition.

    Are you ready to expand your business in new directions and into new markets? Give us a call today!

  • Family Business Succession Planning


    At Valor Business Solutions, we see family business succession planning as an exciting opportunity to create a multi-generational plan with clear goals and purposes. It is yet another important step in ensuring that your business can navigate the unforeseen obstacles waiting around the next bend.

    We understand that the very heart of a family business is the family that owns it. We will assist you with establishing and incorporating a family constitution, a succession plan, and a family office if required, to ensure that your family business does not lose its heart and stays exactly where it belongs: in the family.

    We want to help you fuel a bright financial future for your family business, so contact us today to see how we can help!

  • Management Accounting Services


    Knowledge is power, and knowing your business inside out is the key to long term business success. However, at Valor Business Solutions, we know that sometimes business owners don’t have the time to manage every single aspect of their organisation.

    We want to help you pull ahead of the pack with our management accounting services. Perfect for businesses large or small, we cover:

    • Monthly financial reporting
    • Business review – health check
    • KPI reporting and analysis
    • Benchmarking against competitors
    • Systems review and analysis
    • Preparation of finances to tax return stage
    • Business Structures
    • Business set-up and registration

    With our management accounting services you will receive up to date information, comparisons, and strategies to help you grow your business. Knowledge is the key to success, and with decades of experience, we know how to unlock that knowledge and apply it in a way that will position you as a leader in your field.

    How does your business performance weigh up against your market competitors? Find out today and give our friendly team a call!

  • Business Loan Package


    Do you need a loan to help grow your business?

    We know that applying for a loan is not a straightforward process; we also know that you don’t want to spend your time filling out applications that might not be accepted. Valor Business Solutions knows what lenders are looking for, and we can help you navigate the application process by putting together a persuasive business plan to increase your chances of being approved.

    As a part of this package we will provide:

    • A business plan, including a SWOT analysis and market overview
    • Cash flow forecasting
    • Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet budgets
    • Realistic analysis of start-up costs

    At Valor we are not a lending agent or a finance broker. Our only interest is in getting you the best deal for your business. So contact us today and we will help you map a plan for your business’ future.

  • Virtual CFO Services


    The Virtual CFO is a new concept that allows small businesses to receive Chief Financial Officer (CFO) support they wouldn’t have been able to afford previously.

    At Valor Business Solutions, we want to help you manage your finances, and our Virtual CFO service gives you access to expert advice and expertise at the fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. Whether you want us to be the driving force behind your business when you are absent or to simply act as an advisor in meetings, you will be able to customise the services you require to suit your business’ needs.

    Contact Valor today to talk about our Virtual CFO Services and discover how we can help uncover unexploited potential within your business.

  • Advisory Board & Non-Executive Director Roles


    It is important for a business of any size to seek advice from other business professionals regardless of what industry they work in. The most efficient way to do this is to form an advisory board. An advisory board can provide strategic advice and complementary skills required to take your business, regardless of size to the next level.

    An advisory board is a select group of “independent” people who provide advice and support to the owners/ shareholders/ directors of a business. An advisory board enables the owners or managers of a business to have access to an independent view and be able to discuss issues of major significance.

    A Non-Executive Director fulfils a similar role and can be part of an advisory board or simply an individual working directly with the business owner providing that strategic advice.

    If your business is looking to go the next step and be guided through that process talk to Valor as we can be that advisor and help put together and advisory board or fulfil a Non-Executive Director role.